The brief was to design and build a 1:20 model of a single space and the relevant connecting spaces, of a room that would conduct lightning.
I decided to situate the room in Capadocia, Turkey, because it is an area with high plateau’s and lightning storms. The area is also home to a strange landscape of jagged rock formations, which had led to the evolution of a local vernacular; cave-like dwellings carved into the rock.

Just like the local vernacular is in harmony with its surroundings, this project was about
creating a space that would be in symbiosis with the sky and the rhythms of static energy. It would be a place where someone could live next to lightning charges, both enjoying their power and potential energy, while also monitoring them and conducting research.

Each lightning strike would pass through all the rooms via a copper cable. The lightning room itself is a copper basin, with a rubber floor and houses the lightning rod. The basin would collect rainwater, such that when lightning struck, it would be heated and possibly cause flashes of light as the charge sought the most condusive path. My intention was to create a space that would playfully interact with each lightning strike.
There is an ad-hoc aesthetic to this project, which evolved due to the materials we were able to come across. The lightning room and rod is actually a hot water cylinder and its heating filament.