The brief was to design a mixed-use masterplan for a site by a canal in Hackney, London.

My intention was use the site to mediate between two scales of landscape; the densely knitted terraced housing to the west and the vast rural marshland and canal to the east. I also revisited an idea from my ‘lightning room’ project- the idea that architecture can be in symbiosis with its environment. I devloped three large public spaces, that were shaped like shallow basins and would drain away water from the development and into the canal and help prevent flooding. The project was very much about being playful with water, while also dealing with it efficiently- so it was essentially the surrounding landscape which gave me the overall form of the project. I developed the idea of draining
water to the canal into the architecture also, the construction drawing shows a few ideas including a ‘gargoyle’ that would visually emphasize the flow of water into a channel.

The three watersheds would also act as public spaces, much like the square in Sienna, Italy- so i designed public buildings into the squares in addition to
housing, to bring life and vibrancy. Another detail i devloped in this project is
hinted at in the sketch opposite, i wanted to give everyone a view into the
watersheds. I solved this problem by giving every appartment a ‘lookout box’; a steel structure that would sit inside the building structure and blend the boundary between inside and outside space. The intention was that it would not only grant a view into the watershed but also encourage a vibrant outdoor community, by bringing people out of their appartments into the street.